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What Are Lift & Slide Doors?

What Are Lift & Slide Doors?

Do you need to substitute your old lift & slide doors? Or do you happen to need doors for your new home in the NY area ? Well you’re in luck, Muka Interiors offers a wide variety of interior & exterior doors!

What Are Lift & Slide Doors?

Lift and slide doors are the perfect intersection of luxury and beauty – creating peaceful wide-ranging views for your living space (especially if you live by the water, or anywhere with a scenic view!). The doors utilize their unique two, two-wheel carriages designed to supply extra resistance for smooth movement. A structure of wheels and levers hoists the panel off the sill which enables the movement of large and heavy panels without exerting any energy! A door that weights 800+ pounds can be opened with very little effort. Lift & slide doors are usually bought and put into service for opening up spaces that are generally large, they are also a great solution for patio doors.

Benefits of Lift & Slide Doors

There are good advantages that lift and slide doors offer, varying from it’s good looks to it’s ability to operate efficiently. These benefits include:

An amazing view – lift and slide doors provide striking views for your NY home. They also come with wood, flush or aluminum sill options.

Natural light – if you want to brighten up your space in a calm and settling way, lift and slide doors can help you achieve that goal.

Performance –  Lift and slide doors provide smooth movement for heavy doors that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! The lever and wheels lift the panels off the sill which then free it from the stripping without barley exerting any energy. The sill-supported panels run on 2 multi-wheel carriages. These doors also come with multi point locking hardware that is also non-corrosive!

Sealing – lift and slide doors offer strong sealing to increase security from severe weather conditions and increased energy efficiency. Lift & slide doors are impenetrable to air and water invasion which is a good investment. Dual weather seals at the top, the bottom and the sides.

Our Selection of Lift and Slide Doors

If you want lift and slide doors for your home in the 5 boroughs of New York there is no better choice than Muka Interiors! We offer attractive and wonderfully engineered lift and slide doors from the absolute best manufacturers.

Whether you’re interested in aluminum doors or wood doors, you can find the perfect doors for your home. As for the sizes of the doors, finishes, and hardware styles, there is a wide selection available.

Many lift and slide doors are custom made to order. Contact our lift and slide door experts today to learn more.

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