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The Jobsite Clutter Dilemma

No Project is complete without a thorough cleaning. Get rid of these seven messes to ensure your jobsite is clean! 

1. Trash.

It is always wise to use multiple trashcans to keep your jobsite free of any wrappers, fast food, painting rags, equipment boxes, and material packaging. Empty trashcans on the regular to improve work flow and provide yourself with enough space to be comfortable with working.  

2. Wood Scraps.

Collect your wood scraps into piles and transport them into dumpsters after construction ends. Fun Fact: Some recycling centers pay for scrapped wood.

3. Dust.

Mop the flooring and wipe down any countertops, tables, handrails, windowsills and any other flat surface to get rid of dust. Also be sure to vacuum any rugs or carpets on the job site.

4. Stains & Smudges.

Use a rag and paint thinner-water mixture to remove smudges from walls, sinks, trim, counters and other household surfaces. Mop the flooring to give your job a move-in-ready finishing touch. 

5. Bricks.

Brick facades or retaining walls leave behind empty pallets. Leftover grout and broken bricks. Clean up any trash and wipe down the brickwork to get rid of extra grout or brick-staining grout leach.

6. Cement.

Throw away empty cement bags and slab-framing lumber. Spray down any walkways, porches or patios with wet cement drips. 

7. Roofing Materials.

Pick up clipped shingles, empty pallets, metal strapping bands and other roofing-related trash to spruce up the exterior. Keep an eye out for nails to avoid flat tires.


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