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Residential Remodeling

Have you ever thought of remodeling your entire home? For reasons like beaten up moulding, broken down stair cases, worn out doors, chipped up flooring, there may be reasons that lean in the favor of remodeling your household. Entire house remodeling is a great investment either which way you look at it both physically and mentally.

Commercial Renovation

If you are looking to renovate your business it is important to make proper decisions that reflect on the future standings of your company because  the appearance of your workplace is vital to the public eye which in turn can increase the number of foot traffic coming in and out of your store so much that you may not even have to spend any money or marketing techniques. 

Kitchen Remodeling

During the very beginning procedures to the finale of every renovation project we will have our consultants work with you and hold your hand every step of the way. 

Bathroom Remodeling

From concept to completion, our highly skilled renovation consultants will keep your project on track by accomplishing various tasks like measurements, layout, Finishing touches, and budget planning. 

Muka Interiors Flooring


Flooring is more than what you just walk on everyday of your life. Different types of flooring have various maintenance needs and different durability levels. At Muka Interiors we provide quick and superb installation of your interior flooring. We also help you pick out the right type of flooring that suits your houses overall design and reduces the extents of exhausting maintenance.


Painting the interior of your household is a key part of keeping your home looking brand new and it's best. When it comes to providing painting services, like every other aspect of construction process we offer a large variety of skills that get the job done no matter how big or small at Muka Interiors we do it all.

Muka Interiors Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior Design is becoming increasingly more popular as we move forward in time, after a good design is what a good looking home is all about. At Muka Interiors we are the complete package we can offer you advice on what kind of interior designs would be best fitting for your home for absolutely FREE and handle all the rough and vigorous construction work. 

Muka Interiors Going Green

Going Green

It is always a good thing to be environmentally conscious in the world we live in. We don't want to damage our homes home. At Muka Interiors we provide you with Eco-Friendly renovation techniques if requested by the homeowner.

Door Installation

Muka Interiors is supplied by a wide variety of door companies across the US and doesn’t fail to impress when replacing old doors with brand new ones. We install all types of doors in one day (disregarding extreme weathers and shipping time).

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