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Remodeling Plan

Just like any project that is big, residential remodeling should not begin just because of a brief idea or a whim. There are just too many aspects to consider and choices to choose from to just start up a project and then find that you don’t like something or want to change your mind half-way into the project. Everything you want to alter or revamp should be well thought-out and analyzed. Below are some pointers that should be incorporated in to the plan crafted up for your residential remodeling project.

Unleash your creativity– You may want to begin by looking through magazines, catalogs or visiting home improvement stores for ideas and inspiration. Everyone has their dreams intersecting with the practical things wanted and needed in a household. Before making the most of those dreams reflect on if they will work in the structure of the house or apartment, add to its purpose or even correspond with the budget you set.

Dimensions  How much of your house or apartment are you willing to remodel or renovate? Are you going to renovate all of the rooms or just the bathroom and kitchen? Are you inclined to work with the square footage that your house or apartment already contains or do you need to add an addition? If adding on a extra room is an option, you’ll need to check if permits are needed (which Muka Interiors can do for you if you decide to remodel with us) or if there are things to discuss with your neighbors (e.g. where your property lines start and finish). Primarily all of these questions will depend on the budget you decide to set for yourself. Of course there is no reason you can’t work on your house or apartment one portion at a time and change it periodically.

Design and Style – Plenty of people have an individual style and design they want to incorporate in their home. You should conversate until you come to an agreement with the other decision makers in the family or household about this style. Nonetheless, you should also plan on picking something that will withstand the test of time because the last thing you want to do is follow trends then years later you find yourself wanting to remodel again or get something highly customized that your house gets harder to sell in the near future if you do plan on relocating for whatever reason. There are a great deal of styles to choose from including modern, retro, scandinavian, rustic, or industrial to name a couple. Once you commit to using this style you’ll want to stay with it so you can avoid any future complications, so make sure you really think about what YOU really want and fully commit to it as it will impact the structure during the residential remodeling.

Budget – When it comes to residential remodeling or renovating your entire house the world is your oyster. So the big question here is how much are you planning on spending? It’s hard to live up to the expectations of your dreams at times if you aren’t financially ready to make a change in the household. It’s a common thing that happens and that is perfectly fine because the beauty of renovating and remodeling is that you can always start and finish periodically it does not have to be a hit or miss kind of project. One thing I will leave you off with is that you should strategize working around your budget just in case a contingency occurs. You should usually plan to spend about 12 to 20 percent more of your budget to cover any unforeseen predicaments that are made during the renovation process.

Step-by-Step Residential Remodeling

Now that you chose your style, design and are properly prepared with a plan it is time to begin the highly anticipated and exciting remodeling project. Down below are some listed guidelines of the main procedures that are incorporated in residential remodeling. Needless to say some of these steps might not refer to your particular project, mostly if you have chosen to do a simple reno by just upgrading your floors, applying new paint or installing new interior/exterior doors.

• Demolition – Prior to installing the new and improved to bring out the beauty of the household, the old needs to be demolished and done with. Demolition can mean a variety of things to certain homeowners, but could involve everything like uninstalling kitchen cabinets, tearing down walls, prying off moulding, etc. Many demolition projects can be finished within 1-2 days while other demo projects can take longer depending on what exactly the property owner is demolishing. It is highly recommended before the renovation process that you plan a relocation so the process does not interfere with your daily life or moving into an un-demolished room if you are doing the renovation step-by-step so it is more convenient for living.

 • Rebuilding – After the demolition is finished it is then time to start the rebuilding process. If the walls are being adjusted or added this is the time where wood & steel framing is re-assembled along with windows and doors being laid out and installed within the frames.

 • Utilities – After the structure of the new rooms have been finished, the utilities can be modified to fit & lodge into the spaces. This step may also intersect with the rebuilding process depending on the layout of the design. Varying on the aim of your remodeling project this would be a good time to rewire the entire household, most certainly if you live in an older home. For people who are installing new appliances the electrical panel may need updating as well. With Muka Interiors we have licensed electricians ready at your service to avoid any complications. Gas and water utilities should be considered primarily if you are renovating a bathroom or a kitchen. Water lines are not easy to move around so your remodeling project may have to be carefully plotted and sketched out around these existing pipes in your home. During this step it is a great chance to update your water supply lines to copper pipes which are way more sturdy than the older pipes and allows water to run almost silently. Muka Interiors also has plumbers at your disposal that can help you with this procedure.

• Walls – After all of the work behind the curtains is completed it is now time to start closing up the walls. Insulation will be installed and placed, then Drywall will be hung next. Next taping, compounding, and sanding come next after the dry wall is successfully hung. Once the walls are smoothened they are ready to be painted any color you desire, wall-papered, or whatever finish you decided on during the planning stages prior to the remodel.

 • Flooring Other contractors may decide to install the flooring before the walls have been hung, taped, and painted over here at Muka Interiors to avoid any damage we install the flooring after the walls have been painted to provide a cleaner look. Any subfloor that is needed would be installed during the rebuilding stages of the remodel.

• Cabinets – This step is the time where your unique design & style choices really start to become conspicuous and the beauty of your home starts to blossom. All of the new cabinets for the kitchen or medicine cabinets for the bathroom will be inserted during this stage. This step will most likely be passed over if you only decided to renovate the bedrooms or living room.


• Appliances – Your new interior space is now ready to become fully functional. Any appliances you chose during the planning stages that fitted into your plan and budget will be installed during this stage. Anything from fridges, stoves, sinks, faucets, dryers, washers, etc will be installed and working properly. If you decided to keep the old appliances they will be established in their new positions.

• Finishing touches – Before any type of cleaning up can start all of the finishing touches should be applied accordingly. Touching up of the paint should be finished beside with any wallpaper that needed to wait until the floors of your choosing from the planning stage were installed. The personalized touches that you chose like for example, a backsplash and countertops will be installed.

Have you ever thought of remodeling your entire home? For reasons like beaten up moulding, broken down staircases, worn out doors, chipped up flooring, there may be reasons that lean in the favor of going through with residential remodeling. Residential remodeling is a great investment either which way you look at it. You could be in pursuit of buying a new home and if you choose to remodel your interior you can potentially increase the value of the home by a wide margin if you remodel the house properly. Furthermore, you can increase the functionality of your own home and increase the comfort you have in your home by upgrading your personal spaces like your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. At Muka Interiors we offer up to 10% off your renovation projects and are proud of doing so because we enjoy the process and look forward to making you live more comfortably. We accomplish any task at hand with our foolproof system which reduces the margin of error with our advanced 3D Home Design software which maps out the parameters and dimensions of your household. Our design software also allows us to place where your furniture will be and what color you would like to paint a room. That is barely the half of it there is plenty more that the software can provide for you to ensure that is what you are thinking of in your imagination.  

We consider Residential Remodeling to be a specialized talent for us over here at Muka Interiors LLC because of our talented crew with the ability to see problems almost clairvoyantly before we start the renovation process and our ability to choose out designs for you that will intersect with beauty for the entire home (e.g. the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom). The overall home will be greatly improved in quality, comfort, and design in the quickest and most professional way. No matter how intricate your home improvement project tends to be we will not rest until it is complete and that you are satisfied.

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