Renovation Procedures

Our Renovation Process

Prior to achieving your household’s full maximum potential there are a couple of steps before hand that are vital to discuss. At Muka Interiors we make the process as easy and simple as possible because we understand the burden a home renovation process can be. No need to fret though because with over two decades of being in business we have gained tons of experience and have a few tricks up our sleeves to make your remodeling process go smoother. 

FREE In-Home Itemized Estimates

Some companies charge a fee for a consultation. Imagine that. Having to pay before you even start the job you don’t know if you’re actually going to go through with. With Muka Interiors we are more than glad to discuss what ideas YOU have in the comfort of your home. We understand that you may have jobs or a busy schedule so we come to you wherever you are located in the NYC area for your convenience. 

Pricing & Organization

After our free consultation, estimate and price agreement we plan out what steps we will take first to last so you can get a better understanding of what is going on in your household and how to bode well with it. A Remodeling project is a very tedious job and one screw up can cost fortunes, at Muka Interiors we are dedicated to providing top quality service at a fair price. We stand firm with making the customer 100% satisfied. 

Renovation Filing process 

In the city of New York it is important to know that before your desired project starts there are different approvals that you need from the city to obtain the permit. You as the homeowner, your plumber, or your electrician can file for that permit. The permit timeframes vary from project to project. Knowledge is key and we don’t want you to get stuck in the mud. Keep in mind that this usually doesn’t apply for small buildings or private houses. 

Pre-Construction Stage

Before we start tearing up your walls, cabinets, etc. we would like to make sure that we agree on absolutely everything. If there is any doubt or worries we can map out the parameters of the area you want remodeled and the objects you want to have in that specific area with our 3D Home Designing software. We make your ideas turn into reality and your reality seem like a dream! With our remodeling experts we take advantage of your positive and negative space within the dimensions of your home with a job-site walkthrough, with our experience we have seen it all and assure you we’ll make the most out of the revamping process. 

Construction Stage

Once the approval and the necessary materials have arrived, we are then set to start the construction process. The renovation procedure at times can tend to be a lengthy one and it is possible that problems can occur during the procedure. That is why we make sure the margin of error is very tiny with the help of our very meticulous tradesmen that pay attention to detail and are diligent in the process of analyzing potential problems that can occur. If you are present at home during the construction process we will try our absolute best to not be a hinderance to you and to let you know which area we will operate in advance so there is no constant moving or annoyance for you. 


Post-Construction Stage

After most of the construction process is done we will then add the necessary finishing touch-ups to complete the project. If there are any questions, comments, concerns, or changes feel free to fire away all you’ve got. We look forward to building long-term relationships with our clients even long after your renovation is complete you can always rely on us to answer any questions you have!