Interior House Painting

Painting the interior of your household is a key part of keeping your home looking brand new and its best. When it comes to providing painting services, like every other aspect of the construction process we offer a large variety of skills that get the job done no matter how big or how small at Muka Interiors we do it all. 

Your residence can be one of the largest investments you will ever make throughout your lifetime and we understand the importance of that which is why we take everything from concept to completion very seriously to best suit the needs crafted up by the homeowner. Painting the walls of your household can be a terrific way to redecorate where you reside with your family and we understand that as time passes the more scrapes and smudges there are on the walls. Painting your home isn’t a once a week type of thing, it is somewhat of a long-lasting decision (depending on what type of paint you use and how you maintenance it) and you want to get it right the first time which is why at Muka Interiors we strive to give you nothing but quality workmanship on a speedy time frame to eliminate any inconvenience to you. As a full service company who has mastered all aspects of interior renovation we can assure you that your project rests in good hands. 


Prepping before starting an interior painting job is extremely important and vital that you follow proper procedure, especially if you are painting a house, apartment, or business property that is furnished. Since we don’t want the paint we will be using from your choosing of the color palettes to spill and splatter over any of your personal belongings or sentimental irreplaceable’s we will ask you to move anything of value into a box, if requested our staff can gladly assist you in doing so. Your floors will then be covered with construction paper or even masonite in some cases. We also seal the edges with blue tape between the ceiling and the wall for precise painting.


Some houses or apartments may have solid plaster walls that have been painted over countless of times over the original construction period, also whichever previous residents may have painted over those walls. These buildings usually require plastering and that typically goes for any house or building that has been constructed prior to the war. As for buildings post-war they are usually constructed with sheetrock which in turn is generally easier to work with as opposed to the solid plaster ones. Skim coating your walls can be defined as a texture technique used to make your walls smooth and look brand new. You may be limited into the usage of this because it can be expensive and time consuming but that most likely depends on the different variables of your project. Skim coating is usually regarded as the nicest looking option when it comes to your walls.


Trim is basically alluding every painted surface that don’t involve ceilings or walls. This includes base and crown moulding, frames, windowsills, the covers of radiators, built in cabinetry, and doors. The trim is normally painted with a semi-glossy finish to provide a good standard of protection. Generally speaking the older the house or apartment the more damaged the trim and walls are. Some old apartments may have a vintage wood trim special detail which could be withdrawn and refinished for a classier upgrade. 


Priming can be summarized as a preparatory coating put on materials before painting; Priming assures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability and provides additional protection for the material being painted. Priming should be used when painting over a dark color with a light one, or if you are painting an area that needs to be patched and repaired. Primer is highly suggested and almost an absolute necessity in some cases.