Important Questions For Your Contractor

1. How long have you been in the industry?

Contracting businesses who are new in the industry tend to go through some struggles during their early years of development. The reason for that is generally they may not have necessary experience in the eye of the public and no established credibility so if you decide to work with an inexperienced company no matter who is in charge it will be a hit or miss scenario. Consumers usually opt to go with the people with more years under their belt as opposed to people who are just entering the field. These questions are vital to ask and necessary to obtain and we encourage you to ask as much questions as possible. 

2. Do you have a contracting license? 

 As a homeowner you should make sure that your contractor has completed the necessary workload to obtain any of his required certifications prior to starting a new job with you. Always make sure to ask for the license number as well just to be completely sure that the contractor isn’t deceiving you. Once you have the license number written down you can call the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs to follow up and corroborate that information to verify if that license number is valid and up to date.

The phone number of NYC Department of Consumer Affairs is 212-639-9675

3. Will you set up the inspections and acquire the permits for this job?

Not every renovation job requires you to have permits or inspections but, when you do need them your contractor should know exactly which ones you need and how to obtain them. It is essential that you ask this question to lighten the workload for yourself and seek approval from NYC as quick as possible when you file.The timeframe for each permit vary’s.

4. What is our timeline for our finalization? 

 As a homeowner it is important that you at least have a sense of estimate for when your renovation/remodeling process will be completed so it will be less of a burden and you wont get caught off guard. Ask questions like “Are there any other current projects you are currently working on that can derail our estimated timeline?” or “How will necessary changes to our timeline be addressed?” Get more knowledge on the contractors background and current jobs, never be afraid to ask questions a good contractor will always take time out of his day to genuinely help his customers. 

5. Will i have a devoted and committed team working on my job?

 Most contractors alternate between jobs because they have multiple ones intersecting with each other during the same timeframe so, it is important to raise the question of “will you have a team that will be here most of the time and are fully committed to completing the project?” it is significant to raise these questions because you want the production levels on your project to be at the maximum level it can be to not cause any further disruptions in your household. 

6. What is your working day like? 

It is fundamental between the homeowner and the contractor to establish a ground on when approximately the contractors construction work day will start as well as finish. Before your contractor starts renovating your house you should remove any valuables. The contractor can seal & cover them up for you as well so no dust can get on them and they don’t break or shatter. (e.g. paintings, sentimental items, fine china, etc.) 

7. How will you clean up at the end of the day? 

 A contractor with a strong character knows how much of a burden it is for the homeowner to clean up the mess that they made. With that being said the contractor should make sure the clean up crew maintains a tidy household and cleans up all the mess in an organized fashion. The house should be restored to its new and improved version!

8. What approach will you take to ensure the protection of my property? 

A contractor should take the safety of you and your property very seriously and go to great lengths to ensure that you feel safe with them renovating your household or commercial area. Be sure to ask your contractor what steps will he take; from experience a contractor usually covers large furniture items with woven poly tarps, tells the home or business property owner the recommended items that should be removed temporarily during the renovation process, Lets the owner know whether they will leave the doors open or closed if they are lugging the necessary materials or tools from their van/pick-up truck or leave the door closed because they will be working inside most of the time. 

9. Do you have any previous references relevant to my project?

At Muka Interiors we luckily have over two decades of experience, we have seen almost everything we can in heavy residential renovation and commercial renovation. We would be glad to show you some of our previous projects and give you a list of testimonials so you can feel more confident with us handling your renovation process. This is a necessary question to ask whatever contractor you choose to proceed with regarding your home improvement project. You can see how they handled their previous work related to your project and see the final outcome and compare it. 

10. How soon will you be able to begin my project? 

As a homeowner you should kick back and try to enjoy the remodeling process but at the same time you want to bang it out as quick as you can with high quality work and without any screw-ups. Some contractors can handle various jobs at once while some might need there full focus on one at a time. Fortunately with Muka Interiors and our vigorous crew we can handle multiple jobs at once while still giving you the attention you deserve regarding your home improvement project. Call us today at 917-567-3058 or fill out our contact form