Going Green

It is always a good thing to be environmentally conscious in the world we live in because paradoxically the house we live in lives on earth, and the last thing we want to do is harm the globe that we live in. At Muka Interiors we provide Eco-Friendly renovation techniques if requested by the homeowner. Some tips to keep your home green involve home automation systems to shut off the lights whenever you leave the house, installing motion activated lights and dimmers, and thermostats that are programmable. We take the sustainability of our planet solemnly and try our best to reduce, reuse and recycle anytime possible. Going Green for your home has plenty of advantages especially throughout the five boroughs of New York (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens). Going Green can provide you with cleaner air for your children which is critical in places like Staten Island which is covered up in smog and has the highest smog levels among the cities five boroughs (READ MORE HERE). We make your renovation project more green by using MDF boards, Plywood, Adhesives, etc. In addition, If the owner likes the layout bamboo flooring has to offer they can choose that to go more green, or bamboo kitchen cabinets can also help. Upgrading your kitchen appliances to ENERGY STAR are also a good way to make the world a better place to live in. Remember in no which way are we forcing you to go green this page is here simply to inform people who are interested in the techniques we have to preserve more energy and sustain the environment for your interior renovation project. 

Muka Interiors Going Green