Have you ever looked at the flooring of your home? Have you ever wondered what it would look like brand new instead of having those dents, dings, and scratches? 

Flooring is more than just what you walk on everyday of your life. Different types of floorings have various maintenance needs and different durability levels. At Muka Interiors we provide quick and superb installation of your interior flooring and help you pick out the right type of flooring that suits your houses overall design and reduces the extents of exhausting maintenance. The most common and popular flooring options range from Hardwoods, Vinyl, Cork, Carpet, Tile, and laminate. 


Wood is known for its natural aesthetics and strong durability. Its simple and elegant design interconnects with all different types of architectural combinations and interior designs. There are so many exotic species of wood that helps you unleash your creative energy which helps us clarify the floor plans we can provide for you to make your design as captivating as possible. To make sure the wood flooring that you purchase was reaped from sustainable forests, look for certification from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and the SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative). Subfloors must be set down prior before installing wood floorings so it can be nailed to the subfloor. Wood has its perks because it can be refinished many times over it’s lifespan.


Laminate flooring can be debated to be most low-maintenance flooring type there it. It is almost indistinguishably alike to engineered wood just constructed a tad differently. Laminates can be produces as tiles and planks with tons of variations to the styling, colors and patterns. If you are looking for a low-cost and low-maintenance flooring you should take a look into the different types of laminate flooring. 

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood are getting fairly easy to install nowadays with the advancement of products. Some manufactures are now producing more and more self-locking/clickable so you don’t have to install it with glue and nails. These clickable/self-locking engineered wood products come in either parquet squares or as planks, either way both do not fail to create a stunning design if installed correctly and chosen properly. 


Bamboo flooring is becoming increasing popular because of its tough roots mostly imported from Asia. Bamboo also provides a eco-friendly environment with a nice smooth look to your flooring. most people think of what makes up the bamboo flooring is hardwood but it is really grass. bamboo comes from plants that are easy to grow and fast to grow.

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