Door Installation

Interior Doors

Muka Interiors is supplied by a wide variety of door companies across the US and doesn’t fail to impress when replacing old doors with brand new ones. We install all types of doors in one day (disregarding extreme weathers and shipping time). From experience flush & molded interior doors seem to be the most simple and cost effective doors if you are looking to upgrade your old interior doors with new ones without trying to spend too much and staying on budget. 

Molded Doors 

Molded doors are assembled when a sequence of designs or panels are stamped by a mold into material called hardboard fiber to produce the face of the door. They are built to emulate the look of an rail wood & interior stile door. Solid core molded doors are also available with a wide selection of options and designs to choose from with the benefits of noise cancellation and a heavy weight to clone the feel of a real wood door. 

Finishing – Molded doors are usually available in a smooth and/or textured surfaces. They arrive primed and ready for the labor of painting after some light sanding and minor prep work. Because of the materials used during the making of this product it is not suitable to stain. you must always make sure to finish all the six sides of the door.  

Flush Doors

Flush doors are assembled using a combination of wood-fiber components and wood. They feature a entirely flat surface for a simple design option. They are available in diverse wood species, most of which can be painted or stained. Flush doors additionally come with a primed hardboard and a woodgrained pre-finished option. 

Finishing – Finishing for flush doors are accessible in stain-grade, paint-grade, and primed hardboard options. Primed flush doors only necessarily need a light sanding and cleaning before applying the base coat.  

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a favored option when it comes to saving room in closet areas or other tight and cluttered spaces throughout your household. These doors give good access to small areas and occur to take up minimal space. Upon your request we can make sure we feature the panels on both of the sides instead of only the outside face of the door.

Sliding Bypass Doors

Sliding Bypass doors are assembled by hanging two or more interior doors ceiling mounted to a track. They do not swing outward and are practical in areas with little available floor space because of the sliding feature. 

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors slide identically to a sliding bypass door, but are mostly a slab door mounted to a overhead track that slides and glides inside a wall, hiding the components and saving space. 

Mirror Doors

Whether it be a bedroom, bathroom, narrow hallway, or gym, mirror doors enhance ambient lighting and create the illusion of a larger space.

Custom Sized Doors

For openings with odd sizes, standard flush and molded doors can be crafted, for example, under the stairs storage or attic access. Upon your request flush doors can be minimized to any height or expanded to any width to fit your houses structure. Varying on the specific design you planned to obtain unfortunately only some molded doors can also be reduced to fit custom sizes.

Barn Door Hardware

Barn Door Hardware allows the door to slide in an horizontal angle beyond the opening on a track mounted above the open concept door space. This allows you to make the most of your available living space while adding a rustic, yet elegant look. 


Construction Types For Doors

Solid Particle Core (SC)

• Feel and weight identical to a wood door

• Reduces the transmission of sound

• Triple-bottom rail and wood rails and stiles for added screw holding power

• Perfect for residential and light-commercial implementations like living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and/or large storage areas

• Can be fire-rated up to 20 minutes with certified frames and hardware

Hollow Core (HC)

• The standard offering of most of the doors includes wood stiles for additional screw holding power and makes it easy to reduce the size

• Also available with MDF/Fiber stiles

• Most commonly used in residential applications where sound transmission and durability is not one of the primary concerns 

Solid Mineral Core (MC)

• Feel and weight of a wooden door

• Reduces the transmission of sound

• Assembled with a one of a kind fire-resistant core and Firestop material allowing a fire rating of up to 60 minutes with certified frames and hardware

• Commonly used in areas that require up to a 60-minute fire rating like house to garage entryways and light-commercial buildings.


Exterior Doors



Committing to our tradition of the intersection of durability and beauty, these doors amalgamate a durable weather resistant wood species with a modified tendon and mortise technique for construction. As a result, this door will retain its rugged good looks and last for decades, regardless of what mother nature has in store towards the doors way. All of our manufacturers doors are apart of their tough door offering. Simpson nantucket door installation Muka interiors

Nantucket doors are available in 4 different species: 
Fir – Fine grained with warm coloring and clean lines, Fir doors have a fascinating appeal. Fir doors offer top notch steadiness, stability, high quality craftsmanship and are well finished. Nantucket Fir doors also make a great first impression.
Sapele Mahogany – Sapele Mahogany is wood that derives from Africa that is durable and finishes stellar. The mahogany is brownish in color with a close-grain design. Nantucket Sapele Mahogany doors are crafted excellently and will stand out when installed in any household.
Black Locust – Black Locust is one of the heaviest and hardest woods located in North America, black locust has many beneficial features. For example, it is rot-resistant even when it comes to the most extreme conditions, it has been used conventionally for fence posts and the toughest exterior applications. 
Nootka Cypress – Nootka Cypress can also be referred to as Alaskan Yellow Cedar. Nootka is a strong wood with stellar stability, it is native to the west coast of North America. Nootka Cypress has an eye appealing finish with its unique uniform color and fine grain texture. Whether it is stained or painted the finish will not fail to impress the complete image of the household. 


Water barrier doors offer unique water protection on the outside as well as providing the beauty of wood on the inside. Waterbarrier doors are the perfect alternative to a high-priced cladded door which can quickly throw you off the tracks trying to maintain your budget. This adds up to a beautiful wood that will last over the years. Performance doors are recommended for waterfront doors, patios, wet climates or areas with poor overhang protection. All of our manufacturers WaterBarrier® doors are apart of their Tough Door offering. 

Commercial Doors

How To Choose A Commercial Door 

Step 1 – Choose A Frame
• To choose the correct frame type, determine if the construction of your walls are masonry or drywall. If the construction is drywall, our manufacturers stock two types of steel frames: commercial split steel and hollow metal. Masonry frames are made out of hollow metal.
Step 2 – Determine if fire rating is required
• Fire doors and their frames and hardware are judged and rated by the amount of time (in minutes or hours) that a door can withstand exposure to fire in test conditions. 
• Laws and regulations regarding fire ratings can vary between cities and states. Always make sure and check with all regulating authorities to ensure the door units you order and install will comply with applicable laws.
Step 3 – Choose A Door
• After selecting your which type of frame you desire for your property, your next step is choosing a door. Our manufacturers stocks two types of commercial doors: hollow metal and commercial flush wood.
• Our Hollow Metal doors are made from 18-gauge-galvannealed steel with a polystyrene insulated core and fire-rated up to 90 minutes
Commercial Flush Wood – We offer two species, Birch and oak, in commercial wood doors with a 20 minute (particle core) or 90 minute (mineral core) fire ratingCommercial door installation muka interiors
Step 4 – Choose Your Lites and Louvers
• Our manufacturers stock a variety of louvers and lites for general applications. All lites and louvers can be installed whether in hollow metal doors or wood doors, just select your favored size, shape and position. Also keep in mind that the size of lites and louvers may effect fire ratings performance.
Step 5 – Select Your Hardware And Accessories
• Heavy duty hardware is recommended for high traffic areas
• Standard duty hardware is recommended for low traffic areas
• Our manufacturers offer an extensive line-up of commercial hardware including exit devices, locks, closers, etc.