Do It Yourself Pros & Cons

If you are planning a home improvement project, you have plenty of various options to consider. One of the most popular and common options is the choice of doing it yourself or hiring an experienced professional. There are pros and cons to either option that you choose to proceed with. Here we laid out a couple of basic guidelines for you to contemplate on and decide whether you want to proceed the do it yourself process or hire a professional if the time and money don’t intertwine smoothly. 

1. Price

Hiring a general contractor can be expensive at times regarding almost any project. Labor happens to be the most expensive resource regarding home improvement projects . Exceptionally, when it comes to specialized skills. labor may be able to represent half the price of a home remodeling project but there is a reason for that which is what i will mention in my next point. When it comes to pricing of DIY it has the upper hand over the professional but, there is more regarding to that chronicle, which concludes this point and brings us to our next.

2. Expertise

This is the main reason that you would consider hiring a professional contractor to being with. Unless you have the proper expertise in the type of project you are considering, there is a massive learning curve. One mismanaged task or labor mess up can tend to be very costly and inconvenient because it prolongs the task at hand and derails your project. A small mess up can then turn into a big mess up in the blink of an eye then the pricing can then outweigh what you would have paid for a professional to come and renovate your house or business property. 

Before you make a decision on taking on a remodeling project, delve in deep into your mind and ask yourself if you have the skills and expertise to complete this project without any complications or troubles. Getting into the heart of a project and discovering that you do not have the required skills or messing something puts yourself in an unwanted predicament because if you then call someone to fix what has been broke they can see that you are in trouble and not experienced enough and high-ball you regarding the quote for the pricing. You must be very diligent and informed every step of the way but, no worries because that is what we are here for, to help you. 

3. Warranty

If a renovation project isn’t finished properly, who will you contact? If you hired a general contractor to do the work for you, he or she will stand behind his or her work and do everything they can to keep you satisfied. If you did the work yourself, you may still end up contacting the professional or a handyman for a couple of touch-ups or finishes for the job. For warranty repairs, the professional contractor gets the upper hand and edge.

4. Stress

A renovation project can have sensational results, making your home a more pleasurable and functional place to live comfortably in, but more often than not there is gonna be what seems to be inevitable stress during the process. Living in your household while you are operating and conducting a remodeling project can be a remarkably stressful task to deal with. That also includes the professional contractor working on your home as well there is always going to be stress on both ends. When it comes to stress i would say the professional contractor and DIY are about equal but the contractor might have a little less just because that is he or she’s neck of the woods. DIY can be a good option for home owners and freelancers for some projects. But we strongly urge you before you start your project, gather all the thoughts you have and seek some advice from professionals before starting and find out what are required materials that you need and if they are the right materials that you need. We suggest that you do not take on a home renovation project if you do not have the skills and necessary expertise to complete it thoroughly. The money you save will not outweigh the headaches and aggravation of the project. Moreover, certain jobs, like electrical work, can be very dangerous that is why it is strongly preferred to have a licensed electrician available and ready to work for you which most renovation companies like us have direct connections with. DIY is good for simple projects and we strongly encourage it if you are up for the task as it can be a new and an exciting journey, but for home renovation projects we would recommend a professional because some projects can turn out to be very complex especially if you don’t have a helping hand along the way. Whole house renovations, kitchen remodeling, and other big projects can be very tedious thats why we would recommend a professional for those kind of tasks at hand. To make the choice that is right for you debate the DIY workload and the opportunity cost, meaning if you decide to carry on with doing it yourself what are the things you can be missing out on during that process (e.g. work, meetings, school, social life, etc.) and of course vice versa what other things can you be doing instead of remodeling your home and taking advantage of having the professional contractor at the tip of your fingers.