Bathroom Remodeling

Muka Interiors LLC has renovated kitchens in the New York City area for over 20 years and with that being said we can ensure you that we will utilize any kitchen big or small to its MAXIMUM POTENTIAL. 


Have you, your family or your friends ever thought about bathroom remodeling?

Your bathroom is one of your most used spaces in your home but, more importantly it is also one of your most personal spaces. At Muka Interiors we are providing new bathroom renovation techniques to reduce and make the potential mistakes almost non existent. Our complete remodeling services will make your bathroom renovation process uncomplicated as opposed to other companies.


From the concept to completion, our highly skilled renovation consultants will keep your project on track by accomplishing the following tasks:

  1. Measurement: Our team will first visit your home and measure the dimensions of your bathroom flawlessly.
  2. Layout: Muka Interiors will design your whole bathroom layout that includes various cabinets, stunning backsplashes, and ENERGY STAR appliance water saving technology. We will also map out the dimensions (how wide, deep and tall). We wont rest until you are completely satisfied and there are no restrictions barred on the number of revisions you would like to request.
  3. Finishing Touches: We will also help you organize all of your finishes so that your tile work, tubs and water technology all match accordingly.
  4. Budget Planning: The financial specialists of Muka Interiors will be a massive help to create a budget for you and design within the requested budget to give you your dream bathroom simplified and affordable. 


At Muka Interiors we offer a large suggested selection of bathroom products and accessories which in turn improve the overall functionality and design of your bathroom. starting from the traditional alluring designs to the modest modern fashion. With this vast selection, we are fully competent of replicating and emulating almost any design that you can think of, including anything you have seen on the internet, catalog, magazine, etc. We also suggest and install the following items.


 Plumbing Fixtures 

 Water Technology 

 Medicine Cabinets



Luxury Items


Muka Interiors LLC has some of the finest veterans in the industry with years of experience under their belt unlike some other “man in a van” contractors we are fully licensed and insured and have a variety of quality tradesmen who work with us (e.g. plumbers, electricians, etc.) to better improve your home. With us you get the complete package and nothing less! Moreover, we try our absolute best to make sure the level of comfort between the project manager and homeowner. It is always a gamble hiring a contractor, but if you select to hire Muka Interiors LLC as your dedicated contractor it seems to be a low-risk choice. 

In addition, during the enhancement procedures we have great problem solving and analytical skills that will further expose the untapped potential of your kitchen. We’ll optimize the space for your kitchen as well as the maximum capacity of storage for your cabinets. We hope you love the outcome of your kitchen and hope to make chef’s jealous from all over the world. If you would like a free estimate you can contact us by clicking here or by filling out the form on the side of this page. 

The contractors of Muka Interiors LLC are fully licensed and insured , they undertake meticulous and exhaustive training to assure that they complete all work to the highest standards. We fully understand the stress and hardships with consideration to renovation in New York City and work endlessly to ensure that we supply the highest level of service, problem solving, and craftsmanship.