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Frequently asked questions

When starting up a interior remodeling project in the city of New York, it can be a hinderance because of the various approvals and time needed before your project can even start (Except for traditional brownstone buildings and private houses). The first step is to get your remodeling project examined and accepted by the Building’s Owners Association.  This procedure is frequently in control of by the buildings management company and they address the info to the board in packet form once all of the required documentation is collected. On average, the approval for renovation projects take around 2 to 4 weeks once the board receives the package and assuming no permits are required. If permits are required, final approval is issued after permits are obtained.


  1. How long have you been in the industry?
  2. Do you have a contracting license?
  3. Will i have a devoted and committed team working on my job?
  4. What is our timeline for finalization?
  5. Do you have any previous references relevant to my project?

Our Renovation Process

Prior to achieving your household’s full maximum potential there are a couple of steps before hand that are vital to discuss. At Muka Interiors we make the process as easy and simple as possible because we understand the burden a home renovation process can be. No need to fret though because with over two decades of being in business we have gained tons of experience and have a few tricks up our sleeves to make your remodeling process go smoother. 

FREE In-Home Itemized Estimates

Some companies charge a fee for a consultation. Imagine that. Having to pay before you even start the job you don’t know if you’re actually going to go through with. With Muka Interiors we are more than glad to discuss what ideas YOU have in the comfort of your home. We understand that you may have jobs or a busy schedule so we come to you wherever you are located in the NYC area for your convenience. 

Pricing & Organization

After our free consultation, estimate and price agreement we plan out what steps we will take first to last so you can get a better understanding of what is going on in your household and how to bode well with it. A Remodeling project is a very tedious job and one screw up can cost fortunes, at Muka Interiors we are dedicated to providing top quality service at a fair price. We stand firm with making the customer 100% satisfied. 


At Muka Interiors we give you the quality of big companies with the attention of a small one. We also provide 3D software remodeling for you so you can envision your brand new home before we make it come to life. Interior renovation can be stressful at times but we can ensure you that we will lighten the load for you and hold your hand throughout the whole entire process. After being in business for 20 years and counting we have worked on many homes inclusively with home owners and do not rest until you are completely satisfied. We cover all aspects of interior remodeling check out our services page for more info. 

We currently do not have spots available for hiring at the moment, but it certainly does not hurt if you send your resume to us just in case one of our staff members decide to resign. You can email your resume at